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China's New Anti-Stealth Ultra-Wideband Leida Radar

In order to better render military and diverse content for readers to meet the reading needs of different readers to discuss domestic and international strategic developments, Sina military launched an exclusive "deep military" section, the depth of interpretation military news hidden behind the trend, three-dimensional rendering China military complex strategic environment facing the welcome attention.

China's New Anti-Stealth  Radar
China's New Anti-Stealth  Radar

  Recently held defense electronics exhibition, China demonstrated polymorphism VHF radar, saying these radars can detect stealth targets. Observer network reported, appearing on the Defense Electronics Exhibition export-oriented equipment does not represent China's highest level. The emergence of a few pictures displayed on the web today, a Chinese company produces ultra-wideband (UWB) radar equipped troops. 

China's New Anti-Stealth  Radar
China's New Anti-Stealth  Radar

The radar uses the world's most advanced ultra-wideband radar technology and active phased array system, with high detection precision, high resolution imaging target detection distance, anti-stealth, hard to interference, low probability of intercept a series of advanced characteristics. Currently, the United States and Russia have not yet publicly with similar performance radar.


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