China May Become First Foreign Country To Buy S-400 Anti-Aircraft Systems

Chief of Russian presidential staff Sergei Ivanov said it was possible that China would become the first foreign country to buy long- and medium-range anti-aircraft defense missile systems S-400 Triumf, but this may take several years. “Chances that China will be the first foreign purchaser are big,” Ivanov told reporters, recalling that Russian army had already received first air defense missile systems S-400.

S-400 Anti Aircraft System
S-400 Anti Aircraft System

As for military-technical co-operation between the two countries, Ivanov recalled effective and promising agreements that were concluded. “Promising contracts exist, for instance, for supplies of S-400 air defense missile systems. But their fulfillment will take several years to say the least, it is just impossible to produce this type of military hardware in six months,” the presidential staff chief added.


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