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Russian Air Forces Took Delivery OF New Su-30SM Fighter Jets

 Three multi-role Su-30SM fighters performed ferry flight to their home base – Domna airfield located in Eastern Military District (Zabaykalsky Krai), press-service of Russian Ministry of Defense reports.

Su-30SM Fighter Jets
Su-30SM Fighter Jets

The jets were ferried from the plant of Irkut Corporation by the pilots of Russian air forces, who have already passed a retraining course. The first Su-30SM aircraft was delivered to Domna air base in November 2013. During the 2012-2014 period Russian air forces took delivery of 18 new Su-30SM jets. In 2014 more aircraft of the type will join the fleet of Russian air forces - the ministry of defense noted.

The two-seat super-maneuverable Su-30SM fighter is fitted with radar with the phased antenna array, engines with a thrust-vectoring nozzle and canard surfaces. The jet is capable of using the advanced high-precision “air-to-air” and “air-to-surface” weapons.

Su-30SM fighter was derived from Su-30MKI jet. The fighter meets the requirements of Russian air forces in terms of radar, radio communications systems, friend-or-foe identification system, ejection seats and a number of other systems - the ministry added.


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