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China’s Radar Technology Could Nullify US Stealth Jets

Developments in China’s anti-stealth technology could soon render the stealth capabilities of America’s F-22 fighter jets and Europe’s Neuron unmanned combat air vehicles obsolete. On display at the 9th China International Defence Electronics Exhibition in Beijing in May was China’s DWLOO2 passive radar, which is said to have a range of 500 kilometers and can cover the entire air space ...

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China Needs Single-Hulled Submarines: Chinese Expert

The single-hull submarine is much more suitable for the combat environment China faces today than the double-hull submarines currently used by the PLA Navy, said Ma Ling, an expert in submarine development. PLA Navy Type 094 double-hull Submarine The double-hull submarine’s numerous ballast chambers make it harder to sink than its single-hulled cousin. In addition, the double-hull can endure more ...

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Russian Ilyushin Il-96-400T To Be Developed In China

A few weeks ago the Russian-Chinese agreement of aeronautical development, particularly in the aviation segment of large passenger jet was ratified. It is well known that Beijing has a major weakness in that area and needs to enhance its industry to be able, by itself, to develop a long-range four-engine wide-body commercial passenger jet airliner. The development memorandum signed between Chinese and Russian ...

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Russia to Focus on New Offensive Weapons: Putin

Russia is developing an array of new nuclear and conventional weapons to counter recent moves by the U.S. and NATO, but will carefully weigh the costs to avoid overburdening its economy, President Vladimir Putin said Wednesday. Putin Addressing a Kremlin meeting on weapons modernization plans, Putin said the West shouldn’t be surprised about Moscow’s efforts in view of U.S. missile ...

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China’s Five Major Weapons For Air Combat

China’s five most devastating weapons are a considerable threat to the United States, Japan and India if armed conflict should ever arise between the countries, reports the Washington-based National Interest. The PLA Air Force is no longer a peasant air force with ancient fighters incapable of projecting power beyond its borders. Facing territorial disputes with Japan, Vietnam and the Philippine ...

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