Turkey Announced First 5 ATAK T129 Choppers Ready For Combat

The Turkish General Staff has announced that the first five attack and tactical reconnaissance helicopters have been added to its arsenal during a presentation of the choppers to the press. 

ATAK T-129 choppers
ATAK T129 choppers

The first five choppers were presented to the public at the Land Forces Aviation Command located in Güvercinlik Military Airport in Ankara. Speaking to the press on Friday, Lt. Col. Aydın Lafçı said five ATAK T129 choppers were delivered to the General Staff after test flights were conducted by the Land Forces Command over the past four-and-a-half months. “Five choppers have been added to the arsenal of the General Staff. In the coming weeks, another four choppers will be added,” Lafçı said.

After a brief introduction of the specifications of the ATAK T129, there were demonstration flights, which received the thumbs up from spectators. The choppers, which will be stationed in Ankara, will take to the field to engage in fights against terrorists in the future.

“The choppers can carry 76 missiles, among which include antitank missiles. Important components of the choppers, such as security and defense systems, were also produced locally,” he added.


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