China’s battle tank, VT-4 (formerly MBT-3000) Is Camparable to Its Westen Counterparts

designated as MBT-3000, the tank features superb mobility and strong
firepower as well as a cutting-edge data exchange network.

to Western military publications, the VT-4 is equipped with an
electronic-controlled diesel engine with 1,200 horsepower, giving the
tank a cruise speed of 68 kilo-meters per hour. Its main gun is a 125-mm
that can fire various shells, including a kinetic energy
penetrator and high explosive anti-tank warhead. In addition, it can
also fire anti-tank missiles with a maximum range of 5,000meters.

“It has an advanced fire-control system, a new-type active protection
and a state-of-the-art fully automatic transmission device,” he
said. “In addition, the inter-unit network connects commanders of tanks
and armored vehicles under a combat group, enabling them to share
battlefield data in real time.”

The VT-4 can compete with
any first-class tank used by Western militaries such as the United
States’ M1A2 Abrams
and Germany’s Leopard 2A6,  adding that
Russia’s T-90 is no match for the Chinese tank in terms of technology.

weapons Norinco highlighted at the show included the PLZ-52, a
new-generation, 155 mm self-propelled howitzer
whose predecessor sold
well in the Middle East, and the HJ-12 anti-tank missile, which has
fire-and-forget capability and can even hit a helicopter flying at slow

“Many of our products were specifically designed for
the overseas market. Their capabilities are as good as those of Western
weapons, but the prices are much more competitive,” Liu said.

Cordesman, a national security analyst at the Washington-based Center
for Strategic and International Studies, told Bloomberg: “The Chinese
systems are simply cheaper, they are reliable and they are tailored to
the conditions of developing countries. As the systems get more
sophisticated, they will under-cut Europe and the US and compete with

During a promotion in August in the Inner Mongolia
autonomous region, diplomats, military officials and defense contractors
from 44 countries were given a field performance by Norinco’s VT-4
tanks and combat vehicles

“Several countries have
expressed interest in the VT-4 after their officials saw the tank
display, and we are negotiating with them on this matter,” Liu said. “