Chinese CX-1 Cruise Missile Better Than Indo-Russian BrahMos

After China's CX-1 supersonic cruise missile, displayed at the recent Zhuhai Airshow, was noted to resemble India's BrahMos missile, the Beijing-based Sina Military Network undertook a comparison between the Chinese and Indian missile.

The Chaoxun-1 missile designed by China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation has earned the nickname Cahoxi 1 ("Copy 1" in English) because of its uncanny similarity to the BrahMos missile jointly developed by Russia and India. However, Wang Hongpo, the chief designer of the missile, said the CX-1 is a completely new design. Wang said it has different wings, aerodynamic guidance and jet vane.

Under the restrictions of the Missile Technology Control Regime, the attacking range of cruise missiles like the CX-1 and BrahMos can not exceed 300 kilometers. Wang said this is the main reason the CX-1 shares many similar characteristics with the BrahMos. Sina Military Network noted that the CX-1 flies faster than the Indian missile. It is capable of reaching a speed of Mach 3 at 17,000 meters, whereas the BrahMos can only reach Mach 2.6 at an altitude of 14,000 meters.

CX-1 Cruise Missile
CX-1 Cruise Missile

CX-1 Cruise Missile
CX-1 Cruise Missile

Launched against targets in low altitude, the speed of the CX-1 is Mach 2.3., while the Russian-built P-800 Oniks on which the BrahMos is designed can only reach Mach 2. Sina Military Network said the CX-1's ramjet engine may be better than the solid rocket motor of the P-800. However, it pointed out that the attack range of CX-1 can be reduced to 40 kilometers at low trajectories while the Russian missile can travel 120 kilometers.

Since the BrahMos is designed to conduct attacks below an altitude of 500 meters, the Sina Military Network said the Indian missile is unsuitable for actual combat situations. Though India plans to produce 2,000 BrahMos, only 200 of them have been produced, the report said, adding that the proof of the CX-1's superiority will rest in how many nations wish to purchase it.



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