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Eurofighter Typhoon Jet To Get New Captor-E Radar

Britain, Germany, Italy and Spain have
through their Eurofighter project signed a 1 billion euro (0.83 billion
pound) contract to provide their jointly backed Typhoon jet with a new
sort of radar, in an effort to secure new orders.

The fighter is produced by Eurofighter partner companies BAE Systems , Airbus and Finmeccanica , and BAE said it signed a contract worth 365 million pounds ($572 million) to integrate the new radar onto the jets.

the deal signed in Edinburgh, Scotland, on Wednesday the Typhoon jet
will in future be available with the “Captor E-Scan radar“.

Eurofighter Typhoon
Eurofighter Typhoon

four countries, which had already funded the initial development of the
advanced radar, believe that the new radar will help the fighter jet
secure new orders from other countries.
“This will
give Eurofighter Typhoon one of the most advanced radar systems in the
world providing a wider field of regard than any other combat aircraft.
Other benefits include increased detection and tracking ranges, advanced
air-to-surface capability and enhanced electronic protection measures,”
BAE said in a statement.

Eurofighter lost out on a
$20 billion deal to sell 126 jets to India in 2012. While Saudi Arabia
and Oman have ordered Typhoons, Eurofighter suffered a major blow last
year when United Arab Emirates quit talks over a possible 6 billion
pound order.
Royal Bank of Canada analysts said a
new radar for Typhoon would “close a performance gap against most other
western-made fighter jets”.

Eurofighter’s chief
executive Alberto Gutierrez said the addition of E-Scan to the jets
represented a “pivotal moment” for the project, providing a weapons
system which is “unmatched”.

“This milestone
confirms the commitment of the four nations to provide the Eurofighter
Typhoon with the best capabilities to seize current and emerging
opportunities in the export market,” the Eurofighter Typhoon statement

E-scan radar has an extended range, faster
tracking and multiple targeting. It has been developed by the Euroradar
group, on which Selex, the defence electronics unit of Italy’s
Finmeccanica, is a major contractor.