JY-26 Phased Array Radar to Detect F-22 Feature at Zhuhai Airshow 2014

JY-26 Phased Array Radar
JY-26 Phased Array Radar

One of the highlights at the Zhuhai Airshow 2014 will be a new
phased array radar
designed to detect and track stealth aircraft such as
America’s F-22 fighter jet, reports Huanqiu.

The JY-26 phased array radar, co-developed by the Nanjing Research
Institute of Electronics Technology
, also known as the 14th Institute,
will be on display at the 10th China International Aviation &
Aerospace Exhibition in Zhuhai commencing Tuesday.

Other top attractions at China’s largest airshow will include the J-31
fifth-generation jet and the Y-20 large military transport aircraft.

The JY-26, which is said to have an unusual appearance featuring
small cylindrical columns, will be primarily used for remote air
surveillance missions. The newly designed VHF/UHF radar has a detection
distance of 500 kilometers and high accuracy capabilities, earning
comparisons to the KJ-2000 Chinese Airborne Early Warning and Control

A researcher at the 14th Institute told Huanqiu that the JY-26 has
three main characteristics: a large data transfer rate, super high speed
and excellent flexibility, as the direction of the radar beam can be
changed according to need.


The JY-26 is part of China’s aim to counter the rise of stealth
fighters, such as the F-22 fighter jet and the B-2 bomber being deployed
by the United States in the Asia Pacific, as well as plans announced by
South Korea, Japan and India to roll out their own stealth aircraft

The 14th Institute claims that the JY-26 has already successfully
tracked an F-22 fighter in South Korean air space in east China’s
Shandong province during testing.