Russia Loses Patience Because of French Indecision Over French Mistral helicopter carrier

Russia is ready to wait for the delivery of the first French Mistral helicopter carrier till the end of November. If France does not meet obligations under the contract, Moscow will present a significant financial claim, RIA Novosti reports with reference to a high-ranking source in Moscow.

"We get ready for different variants. We will wait till the end of the month and then we will bring serious claims," the agency's source said. He noted that experts currently analyze amounts of possible losses, should France fail to execute the contract accordingly. "This amount will not be a secret," assured the source.

French Mistral Helicopter Carrier
French Mistral Helicopter Carrier

At the same time, a military and diplomatic source told that Russia may bring penalties against France for non-delivery of Mistral vessels as early as in February 2015. "Under the terms of the contract, France has the right to prolong the term of the delivery of the ship to the customer for three months. During this period, Russia can not present any penalties to French shipbuilders," he explained.

"There is every reason to believe that in this period of time, France will deliver the helicopter carrier to the Russian Navy." "If it does not do it, then, in addition to aggravated social situation at French shipyards, Paris will have another problem: what to do with this ship. Selling it to a third country is unlikely, as the vessel has been adapted to requirements of the Russian Navy," the source added.



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