Russian Kamov Designed Chinese WZ-10 Attack Helicopter – Russian Engineer

The Changhe Aircraft WZ-10 attack helicopter is based on a Russian
design commissioned by the Chinese, Kamov’s chief design engineer says.

In 1995, Kamov developed a preliminary design in the 6t weight class
under a contract with the Chinese government, says Sergey Mikheev,
Kamov’s chief design engineer.

“Due to understandable reasons, this information was kept secret,” he says.

The Project 941 design was not based on any Soviet-era attack
helicopter project and was strictly designed for China’s unique
requirements, Mikheev says. “They gave us the desired weight, we
discussed preliminary performance parameters, then we signed a contract
and we fulfilled the contract,” he says.


Kamov Designed WZ-10 Attack Helicopter
Kamov Designed WZ-10 Attack Helicopter

After Kamov completed the design, the Russian design bureau verified
the design via testing. Kamov then delivered the design to China and the
Project 941 concept was accepted by that country’s government for
further development, he says. Kamov did not participate in any further
developmental work on the WZ-10, he insists.

Thereafter, to the country’s credit, Mikheev says, the Chinese
handled the rest of the developmental work. That includes the
developmental prototypes and the operational aircraft that is currently
in production for the Chinese military.

“So I wish success to the helicopter,” Mikheev says.

Mikheev would not comment on the WZ-10’s performance. “That is a question for the Chinese,” he says. “I know what I have done.”