WZ-10 Could Be As Good as Apache: Chinese Expert

Chinese military expert told the People's Daily, that the WZ-10 attack helicopter designed by Changhe Aircraft Industries Corporation could be as good as the US Army's AH-64 Apache helicopter.

The WZ-10 helicopter began its service with the PLA back in 2012. It is capable of carrying seven tons of munitions and stay operational for three hours. In addition, Chen said that the combat radius of a WZ-10 is 300km. Like the AH-64D Longbow Apache, the WZ-10 is a very powerful helicopter, Chen said. At the Zhuhai Air Show, the WZ-10 displayed its ability to carry air-to-surface missiles, bombs, and rockets. 

WZ-10 attack helicopter
WZ-10 attack helicopter

The WZ-10 is a perfect candidate to provide close air support for ground forces. Chen said that another advantage the WZ-10 has is its speed. The maxium speed of the attack helicopter is 300km an hour. Preparing for a future conflict, Chen Hong told the People's Daily that good coordination between attack helicopters and ground fighting units will be crucial for the PLA to defeat its enemy on the battlefield.

Unlike J-20 and J-31 fifth-generation stealth fighters, WZ-10 did not attract much attention from the international community, a report from the Jamestown Foundation said. However, the report pointed out that the PLA has actually been increasing its number of powerful attack helicopters in recent years. 

China Times, said that the armed forces in Taiwan and India should beware of this new type of threat in the future.


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