Sukhoi Says Sixth Generation Russian Aircraft May Be Unmanned

The sixth-generation Russian aircraft will likely be unmanned, with reference to CEO of UAC-Integration Center, Deputy CEO of  Sukhoi on avionics, Viktor Polyakov.

"Today the sixth-generation aircraft’s final terms and performance have not been defined. Presumably, it will be an unmanned aircraft", - Polyakov said.

According to him, USA focused on development of unmanned vehicles upon completion of the projects for development of fifth-generation fighters (F-22, F-35). However, some sources report that the next-generation manned aircraft is also being developed.

"It will be a sixth or seventh generation. I cannot tell you now, because it depends on the aircraft’s mission. It depends on the purpose of the project", - he added.

We remind you that the Commander-in-Chief of the Russian air forces, Lieutenant General Viktor Bondarev, said earlier that in future UAVs will be used not only for reconnaissance missions, but also for attacking the enemy. That is why the air forces must be able to make the best use of the UAVs.

An Advanced Missile For PAK FA To Be Developed By 2016

The latest version of a missile for Russian fifth-generation fighter PAK FA will be developed by 2016, CEO of Tactical Missiles Corporation, Boris Obnosov, said at KADEX 2014, press-service of Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade reports.

We are working closely with Sukhoi design bureau and we have created a joint working group. All the records of proceedings and other documents have been approved by both parties, the mock-ups will be manufactured on time, the program is on schedule – the development will be completed by 2016», - Boris Obnosov said, adding that this refers to the latest version of Kh-74M2 cruise missile.

Pakistan Air Force To Skip J-10B and Go For Chinese Stealth Fighter J-31?

According to reports Pakistan Air force will skip J-10 and wait for the 5th generation Chinese stealth Fighter the Shenyang J-31.
Not much is known about the capabilities of the plane.The plane can carry weapons in internal bays like F-35,and will be ready in the next 2-3 years.
Pakistan Air Force plans to keep manufacturing and improving their 4th generation Fighter jet JF-17 Thunder till the induction of Chinese stealth fighter.

Russia Lifts Arms Embargo From Pakistan

Russia has lifted an embargo from supplies of weapons and military hardware to Pakistan and is negotiating the delivery of several gunship helicopters Mil Mi-35 to the country, head of Russian state-run technologies corporation Rostec Sergey Chemezov said.


"The decision was taken and we are negotiating the delivery of helicopters," he said.

The Rostec head noted that choppers Mi-35 were on agenda of talks.

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