Chinese listening Stations In Fujian Province Upgraded

China has installed new aerial listening stations on the coast of its
Fujian Province, a military spokesman said yesterday, adding that are
being taken to counter surveillance and enhance the security of
important electronic communications.

Ministry of National Defense
spokesperson Major General David Lo said the military is
monitoring the development closely and that Taiwan has its own
surveillance system
to deal with intelligence gathering by Chinese
signal-snooping stations
The statement came one day after the
Canada-based Kanwa Information Center reported that the Chinese People’s
Liberation Army (PLA)
had set up at least three large aerial listening
stations, directly across the Strait from Taiwan.

Lo said that the
ministry has instructed its telecommunications units to strictly follow
established regulations on frequency signals and radio data encryption
to ensure the security of classified information.

According to
Kanwa, the PLA has been installing new facilities in Fujian to monitor
telecommunications and radio signals, including mobile phones and other
types of wireless communications, from military bases and government
institutions across the nation’s western region.

One new
monitoring station is reportedly only about 23km from the PLA’s
Longtian Air Base
, where S-300 PMU-2 surface-to-air missiles are
deployed. All the antennae and radar dishes at the base are directed
toward Taipei and Greater Taichung, Kanwa reported.
Two other new
Fujian bases have installed radomes and antennae to intercept
electromagnetic waves from Taiwan’s military radar systems, as well as
other telecommunications and radio signals, the report said.

China intelligence station near Fujian
China intelligence station near Fujian

It is known that the stations are administered by the Third
and Fourth Department of the PLA’s General Staff Department,
which are responsible for “technical reconnaissance” and cyberwarfare,
monitoring telecommunications traffic, electronic countermeasures and
radar intelligence-gathering.

A satellite photograph in the Kanwa
report shows that the monitoring station near Longtian Air Base has 10
parabolic radar antennae of various sizes, and six large radomes — a
weatherproof enclosure that protects a radar antenna inside it.

According to a defense expert in Taiwan, the station is a signals intelligence base established in 1952 that has been upgraded.