Model of Next Generation Aircraft Carrier in Central China

Satellite images provided by Google Maps indicated that China is apparently building a model aircraft carrier on land at an unknown place in Central China, according to China's nationalistic newspaper Global Times.

Model of Aircraft Carrier in Central China
Model of Aircraft Carrier in Central China

The model of the aircraft carrier is 300 meters long and 80 meters wide. Aboard its flight deck, there is a large helicopter and a carrier-based fighter which looks to be a J-15. Models of an unknown type of surface combat vessel can be seen right next to the aircraft carrier. By looking at the bridge of that model warship, military experts from China said that the vessel is very likely a Type 055 guided-missile destroyer designed to compete against US Arleigh Burke-class destroyers.

Whether the model aircraft carrier is to resemble the Liaoning, China's first aircraft carrier purchased from Ukraine, or the nation's future domestic carrier, the model from the photo is necessary for the People's Liberation Army Navy to test equipment designed for future operation. An unnamed expert told the Global Times that it is a waste of time to overread the satellite picture since the Liaoning was put into service several years ago.


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