Iran Reveals Details of New Cruise Missile-Capable Submarine

The new Be’sat submarine will have a
displacement of 1,300 tons and will be capable of launching cruise
missiles as well as torpedos.

is building a new submarine, called Be’sat, which will be capable
of firing cruise missiles and laying underwater mines, the country’s
Fars News Agency reported.
“The Navy’s new subsurface vessel will be ready and launched soon
to enhance the Army’s power,” Iranian Army Commander Major General
Ataollah Salehi told reporters in December.

Be'sat submarine
Be’sat submarine

The submarine will be 60 meters long and have a displacement of over
1,300 tons. It will have six bays for torpedoes and marine cruise

The Be’sat, will be Iran’s biggest domestically made submarine. The
Iranian Navy also operates three Russian Kilo-class submarines with a
displacement of 2,325 tons and six torpedo tubes but no cruise missile