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Russia Exercises With Il-76 Bombers

The Russian Air Force 
has performed bomb-carrying trials with its Ilyushin Il-76 ‘Candid’
strategic transport aircraft
, the company announced on 30 January.
In the
exercise, which took place in the Tver region of the country north of
Moscow, an Il-76MD was fitted with P-50T practice bombs on four
underwing hardpoints
Il-76 'Bombers
Il-76 ‘Bombers

modification is geared at enabling the aircraft to operate on unprepared
and unfamiliar airfields behind enemy lines. The crews will first
visually inspect the airfield using flares, before dropping bombs ahead
of landing with troops on board. “Bombing is performed at a speed of 500
km / h at altitudes of 500 to 1,000 m (1,650 ft to 3,280 ft),” a
company statement said.

The Military
Transport Aviation Command
will train “more than 10 teams” in the
capability, stationed in the Tver, Orenburg, Pskov, and Taganrog regions
of Russia, Ilyushin noted.