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Russian Helicopters JSC is Developing a 5th Generation Stealth Helicopter

According to Russian media, Russian Helicopters JSC is developing a 5th generation stealth helicopter.
“Two of the major designing offices in the country, Mil and Kamov have two different versions of it: Mil is proposing an one-rotor craft while Kamov a two-rotor version”, commented Mr. Shibitov (Executive Counselor).

Russian 5th Generation Stealth Helicopter

While details have not been made public, the general requirements by the military are estimated to be the following:
-low observability
-two pilots (tandem configuration, possibly)
-long range
-intelligent weapon control system
-fighting against aircrafts
-max speed of 500-600 km/h
-ground analysis systems for trails of passing vehicles or troops
-artificial intelligence



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