China to Build Mach 3.6 Super Strategic Nuclear Bomber

According to’s report, on December 30, 2014, China’s high-temperature gas-cooled nuclear fuel component with sole Chinese intellectual property passed international test in Patten, Netherlands.
The component is a key part of high temperature gas-cooled nuclear reactor. Its high quality ensures the safe operation of the reactor, which is so far one the safest nuclear reactors in the world.
In book Space Era Technology: The Way China Beats The U.S., there is description of Russian media Voice of Russia’s speculation on China developing large strategic bombers. 
Foreign media have much speculation about China’s plan to build its stealth strategic bomber. Due to China’s habit to keep its weapon development confidential, the speculation is often groundless guessing as information about such top secret is utterly unavailable.
However, as China has been conducting discussions with Russia on joint development of large aircrafts, Chinese officials taking part in the discussions may have said something about large strategic bomber to draw out some information from Russian experts on large aircrafts, but has thus also revealed China’s interest in large strategic bombers. Therefore, I believe Russian sources are more reliable.
On October 17, 2013, in an interview with, Senior Colonel Wu Guohui, associate professor of National Defense University and a super pilot, said that previously it was believed that as the US and Russia are interested in developing long-range strategic bombers, in the future, China would also develop such bomber.
However, as Wu was not an insider to China’s top secret plan on such a bomber, he could not be a reliable source.
China’s said in its report on October 29, 2013 That according to Russian media, China was developing a nuclear powered strategic bomber as China had made breakthrough in reducing the size of its high temperature gas-cooled nuclear reactor. China’s huge strategic bomber will use such a reactor.

The project is feasible as the weight of the reactor may be reduced to 100 tons while a long-range strategic bomber has to carry 100 ton fuel but the weight of the nuclear fuel of the reactor is negligible. The weight of the reactor is not a problem.
China is world leader in such nuclear technology. Its problem is that it has no experience whatever in making large aircraft.
In December 2013, Ukrainian President Yanukovych visited Beijing. He agreed to provide China with the technology to build large aircraft. Ukraine has built world largest An-225 transport aircraft with 250 ton payload. It is able to provide the technology China urgently wants.
Russian media said that China planned to build a huge strategic long-range nuclear bomber with the speed of Mach 3.6 and the ability to remain in sky for 3 months and carry 170 to 210 sets of nuclear bombs.
We don’t know whether Ukraine will provide China with the assistance promised after its civil war. However, since China has already had the engine, it will gradually overcome all the difficulties and succeed in building the bomber within a decade.
Source: Chan Kai Yee Space Era Strategy: The Way China Beats The U.S.
Source: “China’s fuel component for high temperature gas-cooled nuclear reactor passes international authoritative test” and “Shocking exposure of China’s super huge nuclear bomber able to carry more than 200 missiles” (summary by Chan Kai Yee based on the reports in Chinese)