China’s Electromagnetic Catapult More Advanced than US

China’s catapult for takeoff of carrier-based aircrafts is entirely problem free in technology. It is even better than that of the US.
Outsiders are very much interested whether China’s first homegrown aircraft carrier will adopt ski-jump takeoff like that of the Liaoning or the most advanced electromagnetic catapult assisted takeoff. If the catapult is used, a carrier-based fighter jet may have much longer range and carry much more weapons.
Major General Ma Weiming, the inventor of China’s electromagnetic catapult, pointed out that lots of practices have proved that there were no problems at all in China’s catapult technology. He is confident that the catapult can be used.
General Ma has won quite a few National Science and Technology Progress Awards first class and is regarded by outsiders as a “national treasure” in military technology.
At reporters’ repeated questions whether China’s homegrown aircraft carrier will use electromagnetic catapult, he pointed at the one star on his uniform and said with a smile that he was only a technical general in charge of research and development of the technology that can be used. Only PLA top management can decide which technology should be used.