China Manufactures first Engine used in large and Medium-Sized Drone

The “Rainbow III” drone with a TD0 sample engine had its first successful flight on April. 29, 2015. China is now able to manufacture TD0 light aeroplane engines used in large and medium-sized drones, breaking a technology and market monopoly.

This TD0 sample engine was developed by Tianjin University and manufactured by Tianjin University and Chongqing Zongshen Power Machinery. Since 2011, a research team inTianjin University has been conducting development work on the light aeroplane engine.During this process, they focused on developing the engines installed in large drones, single-seat planes and two-seat planes, produced a research plan to develop the TD0 engine, designed the whole structure of the engines and key components, and analysed the manufacturing process.

Rainbow III Drone
Rainbow III Drone

According to the experts in the research team, the TD0 is a gasoline-fueled piston engine comparable to the drone engines produced by foreign countries, meeting the needs ofdrones and the general light aero planes whose power ranges from 50 to 150 kilowatt-hours. With the application of electronic control technology and multi-stage charging technology, this engine and its follow-up products can guarantee long and high-altitude fights.

For the time being, engines similar to the TDO are exported to China at a price of about 300 thousand RMB. Once the TDO engine is in production, it will be sold at two thirds the price of similar engines manufactured by foreign countries or even cheaper, which can greatly reduce the manufacturing cost of drones and light aero planes.