RAW Establishes New Wing Against Pakistan

 Primary Indian intelligence agency “RAW” has formed a special desk or branch to influence China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

The chief of Indian intelligence agency Rajinder Khanna, the office of which is located at the Lodhi Road in New Delhi, is personally supervising the activities of RAW in this regard.

This would be the second grand operation of RAW after the creation of Bangladesh being first, to destabilize Pakistan through intelligence gathering, assisting the assassinations of renown personalities, fanning proxy war in Pakistan and also promoting anarchy through psychological operations.

The chief intelligence agency of Pakistan has gathered the irrefutable facts in this regard. The total budget of RAW is still unknown but the Indian establishment has procured 300 million dollars for the operations of this particular desk assigned with the task of undermining the developments of CPEC.


Additional charge of RAW includes the inhibition of technological and military support to Pakistan by the western countries. The officials of RAW instead of being called as an “agent” are termed as “research officers” within India.

The areas of actions have been divided into four distinct groups by RAW. Area one includes Pakistan, Area two China, Area three Middle East and Africa and area four contains rest of the countries.

The sources revealed that the Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan has been handed over the reports confirming the involvement of RAW in different hidden activities in Pakistan which would be disclosed to the general public very soon.


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