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Russia Unveils New Helicopter Carrier Designs

A St. Petersburg navy design bureau says it is ready to build a Russian-made alternative to the troubled Mistral carriers, which remain moored in France. The intended new ship dubbed Lavina (‘Avalanche’) promises to be bigger and faster than the Mistrals.The technical specifications of the helicopter carrier were revealed in a presentation given by the Krylov State Research Centre, at ...

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Israel and Pakistan Bolster Second Strike Capability With AIP Subs

Israel does not trust Iran just as Pakistan does not trust India. While Israel is preparing for eventual nuclear-armed Iran in the future, Pakistan is threatened by India’s growing nuclear triad and atomic arsenal today. So what are Israel and Pakistan doing to deter potential nuclear attacks by their regional rivals? They are both building sea-based nuclearsecond strike capability with ...

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Technically ill-matched Indian Air Force losing ground to PAF

Defense PSU HAL has been unable to properly maintain, update or equip IAF with the essentials needed to put forth a respectable challenge for the rival Pakistan Air Force. Inadequate training also provided to rookie pilots is also one of the main reasons the Indian Air Force is heading towards decline, as far as maintaining standards is concerned. On Tuesday ...

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Fourth Test of Wu-14 Hypersonic Strike Vehicle

China this week carried out the fourth test of an ultra high-speed nuclear delivery vehicle that conducted what intelligence officials say were extreme maneuvers. The test of the Wu-14 hypersonic strike vehicle was carried out Sunday, launched atop a ballistic missile fired from a test facility in western China. It was the fourth successful test of the Wu-14 in the ...

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Why China’s Air Force Needs Russia’s SU-35

Chinese airplane manufacturer Shenyang Aircraft Corporation surprised military observers by test flying its new J-11D fighter jet, an upgraded version of the J-11, China’s indigenous copy of the Russian Su-27. The D-model J-11 is believed to include such advanced features as an active electronically scanned array (AESA) radar, a relocated infrared search and track (IRST) system, and the expanded use ...

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