Aselsan To Provide CIWS for Pakistani Fleet

Aselsan has announced a EUR4.68 million (USD5.09 million) contract with fellow Turkish technology and systems manufacturer Savunma Teknolojileri Mühendislik ve Ticaret (STM) to supply close-in weapon systems and communications equipment for the Pakistan Navy’s under-construction fleet tanker.

Aselsan said in a 20 July statement that it would supply its STOP stabilised gun system and Communication Switch System (MAS) to be installed on the tanker in 2016.

STOP mounts a 25 mm gun on a two-axis stabilised turret that also features an electro-optical (EO) sensor suite and fire-control software. Aselsan said the EO sensors included a thermal camera, TV camera and laser rangefinder.

Pakistani Fleet Tanker
Pakistani Fleet Tanker

STM signed a contract in January 2013 with Pakistan’s Ministry of Defence Production to provide technical and material support for the construction of the double-hull fleet tanker, which is being built in-country by Karachi Shipyard and Engineering Works (KSEW). STM is supplying materiel, integrated logistic support, training tests, and trials, along with consultancy and management support for the four-year programme.

The new tanker displaces 15,600 tonnes, is about 155 m in length and will be equipped with replenishment-at-sea rigs and a helicopter flight deck. It is to be powered with a conventional all-diesel machinery plant, driving controllable pitch propellers, and will be able to achieve a speed of 20 kt.

Displacing 15,600 tonnes and measuring around 155 m in length, Pakistan’s new double-hull fleet tanker will be equipped with replenishment-at-sea rigs and feature a helicopter flight deck.