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Israel and Russia are building 2 AWECS aircraft for India

Israel and Russia have started creating two aircraft for Airborne Early Warning and Control for India. Work has already started in Taganrog, where they are installing Israeli radar on an IL-76.

The Military Gazette wrote that Israel and Russia have started creating two aircraft for Airborne Early Warning and Control for India. This is the joint project called Falcon – an airborne early warning radar system created by Elta, installed on the IL-76 aircraft manufactured by the Ilyushin Company.
Indian Il-76 AWACS
Indian Il-76 AWACS

Back in 2004, India signed a contract for the delivery of three of these aircraft, which were delivered in 2009-2011. Work on the creation of another two new aircraft is being carried out under an option provided for in this contract. As the publication noted, Israel purchased two IL-76 airframes from Uzbekistan. Russia, for its part, acquired two mostly completed IL-76 platforms from the Chkalov Aviation Production Association (now the Tashkent Mechanical Plant) in Tashkent. The aircraft frames were brought from Tashkent to the Beriev Aviation Scientific-Technical Complex in Taganrog, where they will be custom finished by the Israeli side, and where Israeli radar will be installed.

According to the web portal IzRus, in October 2012, the Commander-in-Chief of Indian Troops and President of India Pranab Mukherjee presented a postage stamp in honor of the 80th Anniversary of the Air Force of the country, on which the Falcon aircraft was depicted. As the Indian newspaper The Daily News reported back then, this system “multiplied the defensive power of the country”, and therefore it deserved to be immortalized on a postage stamp.


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