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JH-7 fighter/bomber is able to Shoot Down Stealth Aircraft

The new electronic variant of the JH-7 fighter/bomber is able to shoot down stealth aircraft at medium range.

The new JH-7 uses technology similar to the USEA-18G and is able to shoot down the US F-22 stealth fighter jet.

China has developed electronic equipment similar to that used on the US EA-18G.

As JH-7 can carry a heavy load, it is precisely the right warplane to carry such equipment.

Te report says that the JH-7 has a similar combat radius and speed to the J-10 and the J-11.
JH-7 fighter bomber
JH-7 fighter bomber

Some JH-7s and J-10s or J-11s can form a comprehensive combat group with JH-7 electronic fighters providing electronic interference.

That will enable J-10s or J-11s to avoid being attacked by stealth fighters.

In addition, due to the JH-7’s large loading capacity, The JH-7 can carry, in addition to the heavy electronic equipment, some anti-radiation and medium-range air-to-air missiles to shoot down stealth fighters it has detects.

Moreover, a JH-7 electronic fighter/bomber will to some extent be stealthy.

Through various modifications, a new variant JH-7B has been developed to be stealthy.

The new JH-7B is expected to be put into series production this year.


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