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Russia in Denial of China’s Anti-Air Missiles Capability

Russia is being expanded international military competition, he came “Rashomon.” Earlier domestic media quoted Russian media reported that held in August 11 “air defense combat experts” competition, the Chinese team fired anti-aircraft missiles all off-target. According to observers from the network to understand at the front of the Xinhua News Agency correspondent, the Chinese team’s “avant-2” missiles completed hit, but was in Russia “and the goal difference of 100 meters,” all of it is determined by off-target.

Earlier, according to the Russian arms network August 12 reported that held August 11 in Yeisk “air defense combat experts” competition in the face of an a “hovering helicopter” target and two news aerial targets only Russian team successfully hit all three airborne targets, Belarus hit two air targets other teams each hit a target, the Chinese team did not hit an airborne target, all off-target. And that “the final results showed that the Russian equipment fire superiority.” Many domestic media admissible news.

However, according to an interview with Russia for international military competitions Xinhua News Agency reporters Li Yun told the PLA observers branch network in China today, “Air Defense experts” competition launched 2 missiles hit all the avant-garde, but was sentenced to miss the organizers.

China’s anti-air missiles capability

According to the competition schedule, each team should break wading road stage on length of 14.5 km, continuous soil ridge, anti-tank ditches, more comprehensive hazard, track bridge, roll slope, sandy roads, minefields pathways Group disorders, the use of portable anti-aircraft missile system to destroy “hovering helicopter” target, using light weapons fire hit the floor target groups, in the form of a unified assault across the barrier tape, shot down two small air targets. Chinese team to take the domestic ZSL-10 wheeled armored carriers.

According to Li Yun introduced after the start of the game, the Chinese team using the “avant-2” anti-aircraft missile hit the hovering “helicopter simulation” targets 10 meters in the air, and in the subsequent firing infantry weapons made of different subjects from the target hit . After the adoption of the Russian standard 400-meter steeplechase, the Chinese team to two drones fired two “avant-2” anti-aircraft missiles and target the exact intersection. But organizers then announced last shot did not hit, but the difference with a target of 100 meters, and refused to release the game live video recording, said the video recording had been lost. The Chinese side also refused to watch live video shoot.

After the Chinese side note, the organizers after 24 hours produced a blurry video capture, show evidence of anti-aircraft missiles and target the so-called no intersection. But China immediately questioned: Why video lost, the video shots can keep? And the video capture trajectory error, the existence of suspected fraud. But the organizers did not respond to this clear.

Li Yun said, according to the day of the competition results, only the Chinese missile ruled off-target, in order to make the Russian delegation became the first game, otherwise the Chinese team secured the “air defense combat experts” champion.