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US deployment of B-2 bomber to Guam

After the Global Strike Command of the United States Air Force deployed three B-2 stealth bombers from Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri to Anderson Air Force Base in Guam, China’s state-run Global Times said that China has already adopted countermeasures against the US strategic bomber on Aug. 12.

With the ability to launch a nuclear strike, the B-2 poses a serious threat to the national security of China, according to the paper. The paper stated, however, that the B-2 bombers being sent to Guam are likely more to present a psychological threat to China and will be unlikely to carry out an actual aerial strike. It said that the United States aims to force China into devoting more resources to strengthening the PLA’s air defense capabilities through this deployment.

B-2 bomber

B-2 bomber

If China spends too much of its limited resources on the development of new air defense systems to counter the stealth bombers, the nation will not be able to continue its expansion in the Asia-Pacific region. The paper said it is not necessary for China to do what the United States wishes it to do. What the PLA needs to do is to develop more offensive weapon systems with the ability to hit Guam which is 2,900 kilometers away from China.

The new weapon systems including the DF-21D anti-ship ballistic missile, the DF-26 intermediate-range ballistic missile, an aircraft carrier and the H-6K bombers equipped with CJ-10A cruise missiles.

Without stealth capabilities, however, it is extremely dangerous for H-6K bombers, developed based on the Soviet Union’s Tu-16 bomber, to carry out such long-range attacks, the paper said. It said it is necessary for China to develop its own version of the stealth bomber in the near future.