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China May Deliver 300 of Type 99 Main Battle Tank to Pakistan

According to reports, china may deliver a total of 300 of Type 99 Main Battle Tank to Pakistan. Pakistan is already testing the Type 99 Main Battle Tank given the unsatisfactory performance of the VT-4 and Oplot-M. VT-4 is the export variant of the MBT-3000, while the Oplot-M is a Ukranian Tank. Pakistan is looking to upgrade its inventory of tanks in order to satisfy the needs of the armed forces from 2017 to 2025. After the successful testing of Type 99 Main Battle Tank, it will be decided which tanks will to acquire.

Defense experts have welcomed this new development with open arms. The Type 99 Main Battle Tank would serve as a cheap and ideal replacement for Pakistan Army’s fleets of T80UD, Al-Zarrar, Type 85, Type 69, and Type 59 MBTs. The fleets under Pakistan Army as of right now are quite old and can’t possibly create with a modern line of tanks in huge numbers. Type 99 Main Battle Tank was fielded by the Chinese People’s Liberation Army. It is a third-generation tank and a Chinese variant of the Russia T-72 MBT. Type 99 Main Battle Tank incorporates the autoloader, hull, the main gun and armor from the T-72 Russian MBT. If the deal between Pakistan and China on this front goes through, the Type 99 Main Battle Tank should also serve as an ideal opponent to the Indian T-90MS.

Pakistan is doing exceptionally well at the moment in carving out important deals on two crucial fronts; infrastructure and defense. China has been a great benefactor of Pakistan and hopefully will remain so in the years to come. With China having invested billions of dollar in Pakistan, even more so recently in the form of China-Pak Economic Corridor, more such deals, even powerful, could come through in the future. As for the infrastructure, the government is bringing in foreign investments not short of billions of dollars to finance power generation projects in Pakistan. With Operation Zarb-e-Azb, Pakistan is at a constant battle with terrorists and quite successfully. If things keep heading the way they are, Pakistan has a bright future ahead.