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Mi-35 Deliveries to Pakistan will begin in the year 2016

Director General of State Corporation Sergey Chemezov Rustech reported on the signed contract with Pakistan to supply Mi-35. Requests for Mi-28 helicopters from the Pakistani side were reported.

Delivery of Mi-35 in Pakistan will begin in the year 2016, told reporters on Monday the State Corporation Sergey Chemezov, General Director of Rustech International Airshow Dubai Airshow-2015.

Dubai Airshow is held from 1989 onwards, with the assistance of the Government and the Emirate of Dubai Civil Aviation Authority and U.A.E. Defense Ministry. Its subject is the armament and military equipment of the AIR FORCE, air defence, space technology, civil aviation and technology. This year's air show takes place from 8 to 12 November.


"The Mi-35 contract with Pakistan, we have signed, deliveries will begin next year," Chemezov said.


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