Pakistan-Russia Relationship – Closing in on Su-35 and Mi-35s Delivery

Pakistan-Russia relationship is set to grow with talks about delivery Mi-35M helicopters and Su-35 fighter jets continues. This comes from the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov. Earlier in this year, Moscow sent a draft contract to Islamabad regarding the delivery of four Mi-35M ‘Hind E’ combat helicopters and Sukhoi Su-35 fighter jets. It would seem that the draft contract has been bumped up a level considering the talks being held, as we speak, regarding the delivery of said machines. These helicopters and fighter jets would become a valuable to addition to Pakistan’s growing air force.


Pak-Russia relationship have not always been one to be proud of, however, lately, the two countries are warming up to each other. In November 2014, Moscow and Islamabad were able to sign a landmark defense operation agreement. This agreement will allow exchange of information on political and military issues, extend cooperation between the two for promoting international security, intensify counter-terrorism and arms-control activities, strengthen collaboration between Pakistan and Russia on various fields including military, education, medicine, and hydrography, and increase cooperation on peacekeeping operations. While no actual deal was signed at this moment for trade of military equipment, this deal would provide the platform for Pak-Russia relationship to grow and enhance.

 Mi-35M Attack Helicopter
 Mi-35M Attack Helicopter

 As far as the deal of fighter jets and helicopters goes, the Russian deputy Foreign Minister was noted to have said:

I do not think that the contacts under discussion will cause jealousy on the part of any of the two sides.

He was referring to India and Pakistan. Military cooperation between Pakistan and Russia will not impact Moscow’s relationship with New Delhi. He also mentioned that Pak-Russia relationship is improving in other sectors such as energy. As far as India being jealous or concerned goes, India has frequently been involved in military purchases with Russia including 20 Mi-35s not so long ago. In comparison, four attack helicopters of the same kind, should not be an issue. However, it the deal has significance when it comes to creating ties with countries other than China. The deal involving Su-35s and Mi-35s is a major one, and hopefully just a stepping stone to greater deals between Islamabad and Moscow.

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We will keep you updated on the delivery of the jets and helicopters, meanwhile, tell us what you think about Pak-Russia relationship, and how it can improve. Do you think Pakistan should purchase more equipment from Russia? Do you think reverse-engineering is a good idea, in order to establish indigenous manufacturing plants?

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