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Pakistan has Signed Contract With Third Party Xiaolong two-seater First Flight Next Year

The 14th Dubai International Air Show in the first two days, the aircraft industry under the Air Ratko card technology with Pakistan Aeronautical Complex hold “Fierce Dragon” fighter press conference. Conference site, China and Pakistan jointly to the international media on the latest progress of this fighter jointly developed by China and Pakistan, and to publish outside the models to develop a blueprint for the international market. Liu, deputy general manager of CATIC, Pakistan cards Ratko Commonwealth Air Vice-Admiral Arshad Malik attended the press conference, and make answers to questions from the media concern.

Major General Arshad Malik also said that since the “Fierce Dragon” fighter Pakistan Air Force equipment, the improvement and upgrading works have been none stop. Subsequent production of “Fierce Dragon” fighter will have air refueling capability, it will increase in the future as well as advanced data link electronic warfare capabilities, to mount new guided weapons. Referring to the “Fierce Dragon” two-seat combat trainer aircraft development schedule, the Major General Arshad Malik revealed , “Fierce Dragon” two-seat combat trainer is designed not only to meet pilot training and other tasks, with both machines with the same single-seat combat capability, kind, will realize its first flight next year, Pakistan Air Force plans to equip two-seat “Fierce Dragon.”


Admitted that China and Pakistan, with the “Fierce Dragon” fighter in the Dubai Airshow further market promotion, China and Pakistan joint sales team will also be more in-depth jointly explore the international market, they predict future market space will not less than 300.