Pakistani Hackers Hack into Indian Planes, Force them to listen to “Dil Dil Pakistan”

NEW DELHI – While India is busy in staging ‘surgical strike’ drama, Pakistani tech experts are up to some real job by teasing the pilots of Indian planes landing into the airports close to the Line of Control (LOC) in Occupied Kashmir.

 According to the Times of India newspaper, Pakistan hackers have been breaching networking protocols of Indian airports for some time now. The tech pirates block communication between the pilots and the control tower just before landing and start playing Pakistan’s patriotic songs like “Dil Dil Pakistan” in the cockpit.

A senior pilot, who regularly takes flights to Jammu and Thoise Air Force base, was mentioning by the newspaper as saying that Pakistan hackers have been so by matching the frequency of the communication between the plane and the control tower.

 The report further added that Indian pilots have now adopted an alternate communication process to avoid getting hacked by Pakistanis.

“We revert to the Northern Control in Udhampur. The Northern Control calls up the Jammu ATC on landline and gets alternate frequency from them. It then tells pilots to speak to Jammu on that frequency,” the unnamed pilot was mentioned as saying.