Pakistan's New Chinese Submarines will likely carry Nuclear-Capable CJ-10K LACMs

In a brief report published by the Institute of Strategic Studies Islamabad, a Pakistani-government-funded think tank, more details of Pakistan's new Chinese submarines have been disclosed. The report also assesses Pakistan's pursuit of developing nuclear submarine and desire to acquire ASW capability.


To counter Indian naval buildup, Pakistan agreed to purchase eight new submarines
from China in March 2015, which will be equipped with a Stirling-cycle Air-independent propulsion (AIP)system and will be able to carry up to three nuclear warhead-carrying CJ-10K land attack cruise missiles (LACMs) each.

It has been assessed that Pakistan’s nuclear submarine is likely to be based on the Qing
Class Chinese SSK (diesel-electric submarine). Highly advanced electric propulsion system of Qing Class Chinese SSK will enable Pakistan to replace diesel engine power generation with a nuclear power plant.

In 2014-2015, Pakistan signed an agreement with a German firm “Rheinland Air Service (RAS)” to upgrade two Pakistan Navy-regional air transport (ATR-72s) into maritime patrol aircraft (MPA) with anti-submarine warfare (ASW) capabilities. According to the Ministry of Defence Production, these ATR-72s will be ready for Pakistan by 2017-2018. Furthermore, it is possible that a third ATR-72 will ultimately be sent for conversion, especially since the platform is considered a key part of the Navy’s Aviation Vision 2030 plan.


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