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China Inducting J20 Stealth Fighters into PLAAF

In a Surprise move to the world China has Inducted At least six J-20s stealth fighters are in active service in PLAAF, with four tail numbers 78271,78272,78273 and 78274 identified. And another six are ready to be delivered by end of December 2016

According to the Chinese aviation expert Dafeng Cao, six J-20 stealth fighters will be inducted into the Chinese air force (PLAAF) at a formal ceremony later this month.

J-20 Black Eagle

Recent speculations refer to the J-20 Black Eagle as an air-to-air fighter with an emphasis on forward stealth, high-speed aerodynamics, range, and adequate agility. The J-20 could threaten vulnerable tankers and ISR/C2 platforms, depriving Washington of radar coverage and strike range. However one of these targets, the Northrop Grumman E-2 Hawkeye, is reported to be optimized for spotting fighter sized stealth aircraft such as the J-20.


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