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China Developing Wing in Ground Effect Drone

China is developing a new drone that uses ground effect technology to skim the surface of the ocean, allowing it to fly just eighteen inches off the water. The unmanned vehicle could be a challenging opponent for potential adversaries, some of whom would find it difficult to detect. The new ultra-low altitude anti-ship unmanned system can fly as low as ...

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China’s Divine Eagle Drone : The world’s biggest UAV

The Divine Eagle has a single engine nestled between its tailfins, with a diameter of over 1 meter. This makes the engine likely to be a medium non-afterburning turbofan producing 3 to 5 tons of thrust, which in turn is usually enough to power a UAV of 12-18 tons in maximum takeoff weight. In comparison, the largest American UAV in ...

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China’s Dark Sword Could Become World’s First Supersonic Drone

China’s mysterious “Dark Sword” combat drone could become the world’s first supersonic unmanned aviation vehicle, reports the website of the country’s national broadcaster CCTV.The Dark Sword — known in Chinese as “Anjian” — made quite a stir in 2006 when a conceptual model of the unusually shaped triangular aircraft made its debut at the Zhuhai Airshow in southern China’s Guangdong ...

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Russian Media Says China’s Lijian Is A Copy of Russian Stealth Drone Design

After China’s first stealth combat drone, the Lijian, completed its first test flight on Nov. 21, the Moscow-based “Military Parade” stated that the drone — designed jointly by the Shenyang Aircraft Corporation and Hongdu Aviation Industry Group — is in fact a copy of a Russian design. The Lijian’s 20-minute test flight was completed at an unknown test center located ...

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Taiwan Developing Weapons Capable UCAV

Taiwan’s military is developing a weapons-capable unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) with some stealth capabilities at the Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology, an official at the institute said This will be the first armed UAV from the military-run research center, which has developed various tactical drones for surveillance and reconnaissance that cannot carry weapons, according to the source familiar with ...

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China To Get Large-Scaled UAV(Drones) Development Industrial Base

China is developing a  large-scaled whole-chain unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) industrial development base in Beijing that will settle in southern Beijing’s Daxing District, according to the top management of China Academy of Aerospace Aerodynamics (CAAA) under China Aerospace Sci & Tech Corporation. The UAV development industrial base, which covers a total area of 134 ha, will be the first of ...

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